Who is Karunesh?

Karunesh is an ambitious businessman who works in government while co-owning a home building company with his family - Saroya Homes. He has a Business Diploma as well as his Bachelor's Degree in Management. Karunesh spent his youth exploring both the private and public sectors with experience ranging from owning a franchised restaurant, banking, political campaigns, journalism, charity work, retail, and client services.

Karunesh is a first-generation Indian Canadian; he was born in Edmonton, Alberta. His parents immigrated to Montreal from India in 1970 and later moved to Alberta. Now retired, his mother was a scholar who taught at the U of A and his father an engineer. They owned and operated a daycare for over 30 years which Karunesh and his sister helped with growing up.

Karunesh met his wife Katrina in 2014 when she was a Beaumont resident; they would later marry in 2016 and move to Beaumont in 2017. They live in the beautiful community of Beauridge with their loving pets. Katrina is a pharmacist and movie buff who enjoys the outdoors and is passionate about reading. They enjoy taking their dogs for walks exploring the Beaumont trails. Karunesh is very active in the community and enjoys a variety of hobbies which include soapstone carving, wood carving, drawing, reading, writing, and journalism. Karunesh just published his first book - “Bridging the Gap - A guide for political supporters of all parties.”