Looking at my platform in-depth rapid fire style!

We decided to answer the questions from the last forum in 2017 to help give people a better idea of my platform in depth!
Each question only gets a 1-minute response, let's see if I'm able to keep it under the time!

Infrastructure & Growth

One of the biggest concerns faced by Beaumont residents is the lack of infrastructure

>>Future growth must considered ahead of time. We cannot build houses and add infrastructure later.

>>Developments must have all vital infrastructure in place prior to approval

>>Increase city revenue to meet the increased infrastructure needs

Crime reduction

Some areas of Beaumont are facing increased crime rates especially in the early hours of the morning. 

>>Council must make increased policing a priority.

>>The reality of the current opioid crisis  in Alberta must be faced head on at the local level.

>>Increase volunteer engagement alongside the RCMP 

Business growth

stimulate economic growth while providing employment opportunities to people who may not be employed by larger corporations.

>>Helping Beaumont businesses come into the 21st century and compete both locally and internationally (especially for those in the arts community)

>>Work to bring down cost of commercial rent in Beaumont

>>Hold business inspectors to uniform standards and to be accountable

Fair taxation

The City of Beaumont needs more funds. But it cannot keep coming from the average home owner. Council must look at new revenue streams. 

>>Bring in revenue from those who use our services but do not contribute to our tax revenue. 

->>Actively work to bring new businesses to Beaumont 

A green community

Green spaces such as parks, sports fields, woods, lakesides, and gardens give people the space for physical activity, relaxation, peace

>>Revitalize the trail system in Beaumont

>>Green spaces must be protected from developers.

>>Preserve areas where wildlife is thriving, for the enjoyment of Beaumont residents and sustainment of the wildlife that inhibits it.

Community assistance

Is necessary and viable as it is likely to lead to more equitable, sustainable public decisions and improve the livability of local communities.

->>Work to organize community groups and local businesses to meet the needs of our community in order to eliminate any overlap and fill in gaps

->>Increase the amount of Karma Pantries in the city by allowing them to be placed in public spaces.

>>With increasing inflation, the amount of "working poor" are becoming more common we need to support more programs to support our community instead of only relying on the public to assist them.